Sony Ericsson's not that impressive T610 revamp

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We have taken a quick peek at the successor to one of the biggest mobiles of last year – Sony Ericsson’s T610.

The Sony Ericsson T630 addresses one of the key problems of its predecessor in that it boasts a half-decent 65k colour screen as opposed to the much poorer quality display of the T610. The phone is also slightly smaller.

The other big change is that the T630 is availble in black or white, which we think is a retrograde step as we liked the two-tone black and silver of the 610.

The onboard camera is VGA (SE is obviously keeping its powder dry as it has a mega pixel camera phone the K700 coming later in the year) and storage is a rather paltry 2MB.

In spite of its success we weren’t that enamoured with the T610 and we certainly don’t rate its predecessor a great deal. In many departments the two most recent Sharp phones; TM100 (T-Mobile) and GX-30 (Vodafone) easily wipe the floor with it.

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One thought on “Sony Ericsson's not that impressive T610 revamp

  • As a previous T610 user, and now a T630 user, I have to disagree with these comments.

    I liked the T610 from the start, having previously owned it’s predecessor the T68i. Moving to the T630 is basically a hop for me until the S700 is released this summer.

    The design of the T610 was attractive, however IMHO the black T630 seems a lot more clean and commercial – the perfect business phone. I use it for mainly email and txt, however I’ve noticed that there is a significant improvement in the reception over the T610.

    The screen is also much better in high-sunlight, which was a major draw-back of the T610.

    The VGA camera *isn’t* actually VGA – rather it just “scales” up the largest size to 480×640. A bit of a cop-out, but useful none the less.

    The keypad is definatly easier to use, and has a better “feel” than the T610. I hope all new SE phones have this unique and useable keypad.

    All in all, not worth the upgrade from a T610, but well worth it from another phone.

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