Wireless Bluetooth MP3 player – just weeks away

MP3 players

Those of you who fancy a cable-free MP3 player that connects to a headset via Bluetooth haven’t got long to wait.

We hear that Advanced MP3 Players is lining up a Bluetooth version of a flash memory product from Bulgarian maker Diva Gem, which it is hoping to launch some time in June.

The distributor can’t yet confirm the exact details but suggests it is quite likely to be an enhanced version of the Diva Gem GB4000 Bluetooth model which has just on sale via its website.

That particular model, which is available with 128MB of storage, already allows users to take mobile phone call from Bluetooth enabled mobile phones via the player’s headset.

The model also has an FM tuner, FM recorder, MP3 and AAC support and retails for £129

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  • I can confirm the Sonorix set is totaly wire free and CAN stream stereo audio over Bluetooth it uses the latest Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) by utilizing the Sub Band Codec (SBC) to do so. The unit will be available in the UK from January 2005.

  • People have got the wrong end of the stick. Jonathan is right. There is no stereo in the Bluetooth Spec ATM. It’s coming in v2 I think. The GBM4000 is just a flash based player that lets you answer calls. Very neat if it works well, and if it can allow you to make calls using voice recognition as well.

    Mind you the player itself does not look too shabby, rechargable and SD card. I just hope the battery is up to the task.

  • The company does however swear that a version of this model is coming in about a month with a Bluetooth headset. I asked the question three times to clarify the point.

    I am not entirely convinced but I have heard several demos of Bluetooth headsets working with CD/MP3 players so it is entirely feasible

  • I think some people have the wrong end of the stick here. The Diva Gem GB4000 uses wired headphones that plug into a 3.5mm stereo socket. The bluetooth part allows you to pair it with a bluetooth phone. This means that you can listen to mp3 or the FM radio and have the phone pause the music when a call comes in ( there is a microphone on the unit that also allows it to be used a voice recorder). It is worth remembering that there is no stereo profile for bluetooth, nor any bluetooth stereo headphones, yet

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