Flaming mad PC


No we can’t think of why anyone in the world would actually want a PC shaped like a customised black motorcycle tank dressed in classic hotrod flames either. But then we’re not American. If you are, or if you’re just a bit bonkers, then you might like the Think Tank (definitely not to be confused with the Blur album of the same name)

It comes with a built-in AM/FM radio and CD player. It also includes a memory card reader, USB, fire wire and sound port in front to connect easily with digital camera cards or MP3 players. Prices start at $1150 and go up to $1999. The Think Tank is also available in a classic American flag design with a showroom shine.

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  • Matt

    We didn’t mean to cause offence. The TD crew love its trips to the US and are very fond of Americans.

    And yes there isn’t much left of the UK hardware industry. Shame really. The dynamic nature of the US tech industry is amazing

    btw it was a Brit who invented the web though 🙂

  • So snarky anti-American comments are now extended to computer reviews? U.S. companies invented the PC as well as the Mac. I note how little new U.K. hardware is reviewed on this site, but that’s understandable because so little of it exists. Cheers!

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