Flirty something


Must admit, being busy people trying to bring you the latest tech gossip means that we don’t have too much time to play games. But here’s one from The Sun’s excellent Gizmo page that might just get us dusting off our joystick – so to speak.

Due out in later in the spring, it’s an adults only PC adventure from German company Koch Media (no we didn’t believe it either) called, innocently enough, Singles: Flirt Up Your Life. The adults-only PC adventure apparently puts gamers in control of up-for-it housemates Mike and Linda. If players forget to empty the bins or perform other menial household jobs then they don’t to cop off at the end of the day. But if they do, then, bingo, it’s nookie time.

Apparently, the virtual antics will be brought to life with an authentic moaning and groaning soundtrack and there’s the option of turning the central characters gay for girl-on-girl or guy-on-guy action. Well it beats all those shoot ’em ups I suppose.

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  • i just heard about this game an di would like to by but it does niot come out until 4404 i eroup an d i live in the usa what do i do?

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