Digital radio on the move


So far it’s mainly just been the smaller brands that have launched pocket DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios. Now it seems the big boys want a slice of the action in what seems to be a pretty fast growing market (and anyone who’s ever listened to DAB will appreciate why).

Set to hit the streets in February for around £149, the Philips DA1000 is neat-enough looking, portable DAB model.

Weiging just 100 grammes there’s a backlight for clearer viewing and a joystick for control. Other features include a dot-matrix LCD display which displays the text (programme, information, latest news and sports scores) that accompanies most DAB broadcasts.

Six graphic equaliser settings are provided (including rock, jazz and classical modes) and there’s an FM tuner for reception in areas where DAB isn’t available. Rather cleverly, the DA1000 automatically offers the ten best channels based on reception quality. Other features include a signal strength indicator for easy manual tuning and 20 pre-sets for both FM and DAB channels. The DA1000 is powered by two rechargeable AA batteries that, Philips claims offer up to 10 hours of playback. A carry pouch is also provided.

For more information go to to philips’ website

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