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From Ministry of Sound comes a new Space range of funky-looking audio products, including a boom box shaped like a triangular drum machine and a cube-shaped mîcro-system with DAB. All of the products are finished in a distinctive lime green with pearlescent white colouring.

Britain’s first mîcro-system with DAB (unless you include the Hitachi AXM68 which is already available in some Dixons stores), the MOSMC018 also comes with CD player and FM/MW tuner. An LCD display shows station information on DAB. Now available for £249 (DAB version), £199 (without DAB).

The Ministry of Sound boombox (MOSRC023) looks like a triangular drum machine, but is in fact is a music system comprising DAB tuner, CD player and FM/MW tuner. Also has a 50 pre-set station memory (10 DAB, 20FM, 20MW). Costs £149 (DAB version), £99.99 (non DAB)

A personal, squarish-shaped CD/MP3 player (MOSCD024). Plays CD and MP3 formats and has a 45second CD and 120 second MP3 anti-shock protection. Features 24 track programmeable CD memory and in-ear stereo headphones and a mains adaptor. Costs £149.99.

For more information go to the Ministry of Sound website

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