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As ever CES was awash with start up companies hoping to attract the attention of the industry big wigs with their innovative solutions. One of our favourites is called AllMiMedia from a company BravoBrava. Essentially AllMiMedia is a combination of software and services designed to enable users control and access all their media no matter where they are. In reality that means being able to program a hard disk recorder from a mobile phone, or watching TV programmes you’ve recorded over the web on a PDA in your hotel room miles from home.

In a bid to drum up business the company is offering consumers a three month trial of the service by logging on here. The bad news is that you have to own a TiVo Series 2 recorder or a Windows Media Center XP PC to check the system out. TiVo Series 2 recorde4rs never made it to the Uk, while I suspect Allmimedia’s software will only work with Media Center software in the US.

Imagine Sky incorporating it into its new generation Sky + box. Now that would be cool.

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  • It seems remote access programmability is only available to US owners of TiVo with a Series2 system.

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