CES's coolest wireless device

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Annoyingly many of the media centre type devices displayed at CES don’t allow user to access web based content like Internet radio stations and streamed video. We think this is a huge oversight. So full marks to Actiontec for offering a wireless Digital Media Player that combines web content access with the ability to display movies and images stored on your PC on a TV.

The Actiontec device has too other really cool features. Firstly it also incorporates web browser enabling use to surf the web via their living room set. Another neat touch is a built in card reader so you can instantly check out image stored on a SD/memory stick CF card etc. The only downside of the device is that it s rather large – bigger than many contemporary DVD players. The device, which uses the 802.11b format, ships to US retailers in February for just $169.95. Here’s hoping for a UK launch (the company has a presence in the UK here) soon.

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