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If your new year’s resolution involves getting into shape take a peek at the £200 Dual Sports MP3 player available from MP3 Plus. It is designed for sporty types as it features 256MB of flash memory (no moving parts so you jog it doesn’t|) and comes with a built-in heart rate monitor. The deal being when you get back to your home using the accompanying software you can check out information such as average heart beat and how many calories have been burnt during exercise can be viewed in chart form.

It comes with a strap for attaching the player to your home and a further device for strapping the heart monitor to your chest. Also on board are WMA (Windows Media Audio) compatibility, an FM tuner (and the option of recording radio on to the memory) and an SD (Secure Digital) card slot so you can add more memory/tunes.

We tested it to discover the impact of The Darkness’s ‘I believe in a thing called love’ on our ticker and the results weren’t good.

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