60 years of Christmas gadgets


Rather neat little press release from the Carphone Warehouse. Its PRs have delved back into history to come up with sixty years of gadgets.

The more astute of you will notice that many years don’t have an entry (1943-58 being particularly barren), still nice idea anyway.

As you have probably already surmised the gadget for 2003 is a camera phone (from the Carphone Warehouse of course).

Read on for the list

Christmas Gadget Historical Timeline

1943 Slinky devised by Richard James

1958 Frisbee launched (originally pie tin tops made by the Frisbee Pie Company

1962 Dinky’s First Engine is the first ever with flashing lights

1967 Etch-a-Sketch

1971 Space Hopper

1979 Remote Controlled Cars

1980 Rubik’s Cube

1983 CD Player

1984 LEGO Technic

1989 Nintendo

1993 Freeway Windup Radio

1991 Nintendo Game Boy

1995 PalmPilot

1997 Tamagotchi virtual pets

1998 Furby

1999 Digital Camera

2001 Apple iPod

2003 Camera phones

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