Digital TV price crash


At last, it looks like being a good Xmas for the UK’s digital terrestrial service, Freeview with prices of Integrated Digital TVs (IDTVs) and digital set-top boxes falling through the floor.

According to idtv’s latest survey, average prices have fallen since summer by £115, from £995 to £840. The relative price fall was highest in the mid-market with 32in screens with 32inch screens on average £110 cheaper than in June.

Altogether, fournd there were 35 models available for purchase, four more than in June, with prices ranging from £349 (for the Bush 24-inch 5693D) to £1699 (for the Sony 36inch KD36NX200). Says’s editor Barry Flynn: “What will be interesting to see what price LCD IDTVs are going to be – if any of these do actually materialise by Christmas.”

Nor is it just IDTVs that have fallen in price. Many Freeview digital set-top boxes have seen their prices slashed from around £99 at launch to around £50.

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