Epson's digital photo album


Remember when photo albums were coffee table sized books with pages that fell out and pictures that came unstuck? Now Epson has come up with an electronic version – a great idea, even if the £499 price tag is around the cost of about 50 conventional albums!

The snappily titled PhotoPC P-1000 features a 10Gb hard disk, connections for TV hook up and a selection of memory card slots. Screen size is 3.8 inches and screen resolution is 640 x 480. Carry on reading for full features list

· EPSON 3.8″ LTPS LCD screen (640 x 480, 260,000 colours)
· 1.8″ 10GB hard disk for storing over 7500 photos
· USB support for fast uploading and downloading with PC and Mac
· PhotoPC DIRECT Print and CDR support
· Video-out connection for viewing images on larger screens

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