Phone car racer


If you are anything like us you probably got very excited when those first tiny desktop remote control cars started appearing a few months ago, and now… well you’ve maybe seen a few too many.

Still Firebox has a neat twist on the car racers in that it is offering a turbocharged sports car you control, wait for it, via your mobile phone. Apparently you use the 2468 buttons to make it go left right/forward/backwards or hit the 7 button for it to launch into a Bullitt style figure of eight party piece.

We’ve not had chance to play with one yet, so not sure if it is any good. Also annoyingly it only works with Nokia phones that feature a hands-free mini jack, and we’d struggle to dig one of those up anyway. Yours for £20.

btw Sony Ericsson has a car that’s controlled by Bluetooth on its way soon. Click here

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