Wireless TV times three


Wireless home TV systems appear to be the twenty first century’s equivalent of buses. You wait ages for one and then three turn up at the same time. After Sharp’s Aquos wireless set (read here) and Toshiba’s wireless system German high end set manufacture Loewe has announced it too has a cable-free telly on its way.

First the good news. The 15inch LCD TV set, christened the Mimo TV is likely to retail for around £900 – much cheaper than the Sharp – when it launches in November. Also Loewe isn’t stopping with just as 15inch set – a 22inch model has been lined up for February next year.

The rather funky-looking sets also have interchangeable mobile phone style covers, and come with an integrated FM tuner.

The bad news is that the AV inputs are built into the panel itself which means if you want to watch a DVD in your garden you’ll need to take your player outside with you, which will be impossible unless you own stupidly long leads.

There’s no word on which system the TV will operate but we reckon it will use a form of analogue video sender like the Sharp. More details when we track ’em down. You can read the original story from Home Cinema Choice here.

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