Christmas gadgets already


Ok, so we might be suffering from a little sunstroke this morning, yet the unseasonably good weather hasn’t stopped The Guardian from lining up a list of gadget stocking fillers for Christmas. All of the products are under £150, break new territory in some way and are well worth purchasing.

The list includes

Linksys Wireless WMA11B Media Adapter – Device that wirelessly streams MP3 audio and JPEG image files from your PC to your TV

Cantor Mobile XDA – Customised version of O2’s Pocket PC/phone that features some superb software that delivers real-time financial and sports information

Crucial 7in1 card reader – Tiny little device that reads just about every card going

TDK Outloud CD Wallet – CD holder that doubles as a pair of carry anywhere stereo speakers. Uses NXT technology and sounds pretty good too.

Alba TRCD2000 – Showerproof CD player/radio tuner.

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One thought on “Christmas gadgets already

  • I just finished making two WebPages on how to solve the dry Christmas tree problem, the first one I take a Candy Cane Tube that you can get at the dollar store and tape on a funnel. It sounds crude, but take a look it is very crafty… The second page is a review of a new product that measures the water level of the Tree. With the two of these the Christmas Tree will never go dry! It is also really easy to water.

    My girlfriend is really excited about decorating and I am not really into it, except when I get to put cool gadgets on the tree. If you come from a technical background and you get roped into Christmas decorating, you may get into it with practical things like these..



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