Gadgets with go-faster stripes


Can anyone explain to me quite why people, actually blokes, are so obsessed with car manufacturers? Sure I love cars, but don’t really want to go through life with everything from my baseball cap to underpants emblazoned with a logo of my favourite maker.

If you don’t share my view you’ll probably salivate over two products launching soon from Olympus and Motorola.

For those who like their cars at Schumacher-speeds how about a Ferrari digital camera? The Italian F1/sports car giant has teamed up with Olympus to offer a limited edition version of the latter’s Mju digital snapper. The camera is finished in Ferrari’s classic red and sports its yellow and black horse logo. You can reserve yours on October 10th.

Meanwhile Motorola has taken its rather cool V600 camera phone – which is due in the UK very soon – and re-branded it as a limited Motorola/ Aston Martin special edition. The concept being it will complement the forthcoming Aston Martin DB9, due next year. In reality this means you get a flash box, a bonus wireless headset, the Aston Martin logo on the front of the handset and best of all, Aston Martin digital content and ringtones. You can buy one from an Aston Martin dealer in October. No price details yet, but I presume it will be cheaper, though probably not much cheaper, than the DB9.

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