August International launch the MB300 Mini MP3 Music Box

Gerald Lynch Digital Music, Gadgets, MP3 players, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

August International have today announced the launch of the MB300 Mini MP3 Music Box. The MB300 is compatible with SD/MMC cards and USB sticks, playing back any of your MP3s stored on the devices. There is also a 3.5 mm…

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SHINY VIDEO PREVIEW: Archos 7 media tablet

Duncan Geere PMP Leave a Comment

The other day at a trade show I got some hands-on experience with the Archos 7 media tablet. You can see the results in the video above, but what I really wonder is who the market for these devices is. They’re not easily controllable enough to have a good web experience. The streaming media is good, but if you’re in wi-fi range of your server, then why would you need to stream?

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Marantz serves up new amplifiers, tuner, CD player

Andy Merrett Home audio Leave a Comment


Feel like stocking up on Marantz goodness? Well, the latest slew of separates could be for you.

The company has announced three new amplifiers, a new CD player, and an AM/FM tuner.

Central to a decent hi-fi system is the amplifier, and Marantz has three to choose from. Power wise, the PM5003 kicks out 40W x 2 at 8Ω or 55W x 2 at 4Ω, while the PM7003 and PM8003 offer 70W or 100W x 2. Available for around £150, £300, and £450 respectively…

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iRiver SPINN – coming to the UK this August, with new DAB tuner powers

Gary Cutlack DAB, Digital Music, MP3 players, Personal video players Leave a Comment


We were, like, all about the iRiver SPINN when it was revealed during January’s CES 2008 gadget EXPLOSION – and now the silvery thing has an actual UK release date.

It’ll be out here in August and, for the UK market because we’re so special, we’re getting an enhanced model complete with fashionably DAB tuner…

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Sony's MEX-BT3600U in-car CD tuner stereo system will let you roll with your homies in style

Katherine Hannaford Travel Gadgets 1 Comment


Sony has rolled out a new in-car CD tuner, the MEX-BT3600U, which’ll let you play from a USB-enabled MP3 player, stream your choons via a Bluetooth compatible Walkman jobbie, or play from one of those roundy silver shiny discs you have littering the floor of your car. Remember those?

In addition to those features, it can also be used as a Bluetooth headset of some description, with Bluetooth-enabled handsets allowing for hands-free calls via the microphone on the head unit’s front panel.

Controversially, the MEX-BT3600U…

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