GUIDE: What to look for when buying a website domain name

Gerald Lynch Features, Guides, Internet, Round ups, Tech Digest news, Websites 23 Comments

What's in a name? Well, quite a lot when it comes to the web, actually. Picking the perfect domain name can be as difficult as naming a child, and when you think about how much time and effort you're…

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OPINION: Why Google must say 'no' to the big publications

Daniel Sung Internet 2 Comments


What a wind up! I’m saying that because I’m utterly wound up and it’s going to take me to write this semi-controlled tirade of editorial opinion on the subject of Google indexing to get myself ironed out again.

I know what you’re thinking. No, Google indexing does not sound like a good read nor anything worth getting passionate about, but trust me here. Stick with me a sec and I promise I’ll have your blood boiling by the end of the next para.

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