Why organic search is still your steadiest route to long-term traffic

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When it comes to SEO tactics, one of the biggest things you need to consider is how you’re going to create organic searches from your audience to your brand.

Most of your clientele will land on your homepage after a quick search from Google; however, if people often type your website’s address directly, this will prove to Google that you are a strong and steadfast wealth of information and that you deserve to be on page one. Here is how having your audience organically search for your brand can lead to you gaining long-term traffic.

Real human traffic

The most important reason why organic searches are crucial to developing long-term traffic is that they represent real people. This direct traffic to your website shows that people know your brand and that they trust you to give them the information they need.

Google values this higher than any sort of clicks you get from sources, as other clicks may not even get a good conversion rate. So, getting direct traffic from organic SEO can assure Google that the traffic you receive is from real people rather than automatic crawlers or machines.

Keywords matter

Another important SEO search tactic to consider is interlacing keywords into your content. You may find it easier to interlace single phrases rather than larger sentences. So, for instance, if you owned a nail salon and decided to use a short tail keyword, such as “nail salon” or “London nail salon”, then you may find this simpler to slip into your content. However, is this single phrase really going to direct organic traffic towards your website?

Long-tail keywords have proven to have more impact than short-tail key phrases, as they relate to the direct search from your traffic. As you have proven that you are directly answering your audience’s question, Google will move your website higher on its rankings. So, you may want to consider phrases like “the most professional nail salon in London” or “Where can I find a nail salon in London?” Having the exact phrase in your content is a sure-fire way to gain a long-term audience.


Any digital marketing services that you invest in need to consider the cost-effectiveness of implementing a specific SEO strategy. One of the best things about optimising for organic search is that it does not require any extremely expensive investments.

That means you don’t need to buy specific software or programmes that can analyse your articles or create links. Instead, you just need to optimise your keywords. Having the right keywords on your page, and an internal and external linking strategy, can help your visitors to land naturally on the page.

The best thing about this is that having such natural traffic will add to your credibility as a business. You have proven that you have the experience needed to bring in customers; therefore, it is only natural that Google will rank your website highly. Just remember to always include quality, evergreen content to ensure that your traffic remains at a steady rate and you create some loyal customers.


Tech Digest Correspondent