5 Must-Follow Tips to Build an Amazing Website Easily

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There are many reasons you might want to build a website. The online marketplace is thriving – growing 28% in 2020. You may have a side hustle that you’re turning into a fully-fledged career, you may have aspirations to be taken more seriously professionally, or you may want a digital touchpoint for people to get in contact with you. But what should you take into account to build an amazing website with ease? Simply follow these five tips.

Drag and Drop Site Builder

Creating a website from scratch is a costly and time-consuming business. If you’re wanting to launch a new business and immediately begin actually conducting the business, having a lengthy web design project could slow you down. Moreover, paying for a web design can be more expensive than most people budget for.

You can still end up having your time consumed if you hire someone, especially if the designer cuts ties once the product is delivered and you later want to add more to the site. That’s why many people opt for a drag and drop website builder, which is the first step to creating an amazing website easily.

Select an Appropriate Template

Once you’ve selected a web builder, it’s time to consider what the site itself would look like. Every site will have a different purpose, but luckily there are plenty of templates to choose from that are specific for the potential function your website may have. For instance, web templates include those for people selling products, such as the Electronics Store template that focuses on products and their specs, as well as the Graphic Designer template which aims to showcase the designer’s work.

Each use for a website will differ, so choosing a template that reflects what the site visitor may be looking for is important. These templates often feature cues that tell visitors exactly what kind of site they are on. This helps reduce bounce rate and allows customers to instantly understand your business and where you are positioned in the industry.

Source: Pixabay

Reflect Your Brand

While a good template is beneficial, having the website reflect your brand is also important. For instance, if you were a specific style of videographer, such as one who focused on extreme sports and high-adrenaline filming, then your site wouldn’t need to look corporate. Similarly, if you sold a cheeky product, such as party items or something with a particular personality, the design of your website should be infused with a style that shows off that personality.

As customers have a short amount of time to absorb a brand, discover their product or service, and then make a purchasing decision, you need to make sure all elements line up to deliver this experience to them before they click off your site. At the most basic level, just using colour motifs, any logo, and the name of your brand could result in brand recall if a customer who clicked on and did nothing were to change their mind and make a purchase at a later date.

Maximize the SEO

According to an SEO company in Tampa, just because you’ve made a website doesn’t mean people will automatically visit it. For a site to just exist so you can direct potential clients or customers towards it, being identifiable on search engines isn’t that important. But if you’re hoping to benefit from authentic traffic then maximizing the SEO is crucial. Good SEO starts from a sitemap that helps orient the website and organise the pages. Next, it’s important to craft the copy of each page to contain relevant keywords that are designed to add value for the reader.

Finally, using alt text, tags, and headers can boost your SEO and allow SERPs like Google to rank you so you can begin gaining natural traffic. Fortunately, most drag and drop site builders contain simple steps to walk you through SEO. There is also a wealth of information available to help you understand and maximise your SEO yourself.

Avoid Website Pitfalls

There are some common pitfalls that many established sites fall into. For instance, slow sites are renowned for deterring customers. If a site takes too long to load, a customer may not even bother waiting for it to finish. Hosting ads on a site could be a good way of monetizing the site but if these ads are disruptive, such as auto-playing videos, then customers can get annoyed.

An inconvenient website can actually cause potential customers to deliberately not use the site. 90% of UK adults are regular internet users, so their need for quick information directs their website experiences. They may feel annoyance towards your brand for putting them through a badly designed site and may see this as an extension of your brand or business. Keeping customers happy is crucial to business.

Building a website has a lot of different layers to it. You have to choose the most appropriate site to host your website, then find a template that reflects your product/service and brand. You then need to make the website work for you so that it attracts customers, gets traffic, and ultimately does what it’s supposed to.

Jamie Woods