Facebook adds in-browser video chat with new Skype partnership

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Facebook and Skype have announced a new partnership that will see the pair join forces to bring video chat to the world's largest social network, alongside group chat. Via a downloadable plug-in, users will be able to video call…

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Orange and T-Mobile team-up under the "Everything Everywhere" banner

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Orange and T-Mobile have announced that they are to team up, in a joint venture that will see both companies working together under the umbrella of the new "Everything Everywhere" banner. Combining their network infrastructures, the two companies will now…

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Spinvox teams up with Skype

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Spinvox, the voice-to-text service, has been quietly gaining plaudits for a number of years, and they’ve just announced a deal with VoIP service Skype whereby you can get your voicemails as texts.

You’ll be charged 17p per message, plus any SMS charge you’ve got, but depending on how much you’re charged to listen to voicemails and how annoying you find listening to them, you might think it’s worth it.

Skype Voicemail to Text (via ShinyShiny)

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More netbook competition on its way as Ubuntu embraces ARM processors

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A version of Ubuntu, the popular Linux distribution, will be developed for the ARMv7 processor, Canonical announced last week.

This could bring to market netbooks and other portable devices based on the more energy-efficient ARM processors, and challenge both Intel and AMD.

The Ubuntu Linux netbook version will be officially available from April next year. ARM processors are already used in mobile phones such as the iPhone and G1…

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