Is the use of gaming strategy guides the same as cheating?

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For some, the summer months are the best time to slap on the sunscreen, pull on a swimming costume and go bask in the rare British sunshine. For me, it's an opportunity to catch up on the past 6…

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Atari 2600 lamp will light up your life

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The Atari 2600 defined a generation of videogames – from Pacman to Pitfall. From Atlantis to Adventure. And now you can remember it by lighting your room with a supersize joystick.

It’s been created by Instructables member Seamster, and although I’m a little too young to have owned a 2600 myself, I can appreciate the lamp’s best feature – the big red button will turn it on and off. Awe-inspiring. Now to craft a lampshade shaped liked a Pac-man ghost…

Giant Atari 2600 Joystick Lamp (via Kotaku)

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Eat up some hardcore riffs with a custom Pac-Man guitar

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pac-man-guitar.jpgI’m pretty sure that Pac-Man would rather munch a ghost than a guitar fret, but nonetheless, this custom-made guitar will make some retro gaming musician very happy indeed.

No doubt destroying a whole bunch of copyright laws, the guitar from SPECIMEN custom guitars features a ‘variable-speed knob’, which…

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