Get lost playing in the world's biggest HTML5 Pac-Man maze!

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pac-man-head.jpgHere’s a great way to count down the hours before the weekend starts; head over to where you can take on the challenge of the world’s biggest Pac-Man maze.

Designed by Soap Creative and made up of innumerable user-generated maps, the game lets you pick any map to start from, before travelling through level exits to move onto a new part of the interconnected maze-web.

A great example of the power HTML5, Namco’s most famous mascot is being used here to promote how well HTML5 works within the latest Internet Explorer 9 browser build, though it worked just as well during our Firefox play-time.

Be warned however; it’s madly addictive, and some of those user-generated mazes are devilishly difficult.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Might be “The World’s Biggest Pac-Man” but it’s also got the world’s smallest server!
    Couldn’t get anywhere near it!

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