Printcraft: Turn your Minecraft creations into 3D printed models

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Minecraft, the indie gaming sensation that lets you build any item your imagination can conjure out of little Lego style blocks, is both an excellent adventure/strategy game and a superb way to get those creative juices flowing. Kids love it,…

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REVIEW: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (XBLA)

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Minecraft, the indie-gaming smash-hit lands on Microsoft's Xbox 360. There's a host of changes that accompany the release, but are they all good? Read on to find out if Minecraft on a console is just as engrossing as it is on a PC

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Q&A: Gamefly co-founder Sean Spector on digital subscriptions, Steam and the indie gaming boom

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Gamefly, the USA's leading videogame rental service, has made the jump over the pond and are looking to take old Blighty by storm with their digital PC games download platform and forth-coming digital subscription service. We caught up with…

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Euclideon Unlimited Detail vs. Atomontage: The photo-real future of gaming graphics?

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The PC gaming community has always been one step ahead of their console counterparts in terms of graphics thanks to the quicker turnover of top-spec hardware components hitting the market. But a video popping up online this week has…

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