Rockstar Films trademark suggest GTA and Red Dead Redemption movies are due

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Tech Digest news 3 Comments

A recently uncovered trademark filing for Rockstar Films suggests that movie adaptations of Rockstar Games' biggest hits, including Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire, may be making their way to the silver screen. Though a trademark for…

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Pirate Bay founders fined a further £87,500

Gerald Lynch Intellectual Property, Internet, Tech Digest news, Websites 1 Comment

Pirate Bay founders Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij have been fined a further one million Swedish kronor (£87,500) after failing to heed a court order asking that the torrent site be shut down. EMI Music, Universal Music, Sony BMG and…

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Sony's Qriocity on-demand movie streaming service to launch in February

Gerald Lynch HDTV, Home cinema, Internet, Media, Online TV, Tech Digest news, TVs Leave a Comment

You've had Netflix, you've had iTunes; the next contestant in the great "Battle of the Online Movie Services" is Sony's Qriocity. Heading to anything with a Xross Media Bar on it (be it your PS3 or soon-to-be-released web-connected Sony…

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CONFIRMED: MGM to offer full-length films on YouTube

Duncan Geere Intellectual Property, Online TV, Web 2.0 Leave a Comment


As we reported last Thursday, full-length movies are going to be hitting YouTube in the near future, and we now know that they’re going to come from 84-year-old film studio MGM. The studio has suffered financial trouble in recent years.

It’ll initially be uploading ancient episodes of American Gladiators, but following that, it’ll be putting up classics like Bulletproof Monk and The Magnificent Seven. There’ll also be officially-sanctioned clips from newer films like Legally Blonde. Unfortunately, as part of the deal, they’ll also be taking down thousands of user-uploaded clips from the James Bond and Rocky movies…

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Full-length movies to hit YouTube

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Sick of watching videos of people’s cats in crappy quality on YouTube? Soon you’ll be able to watch full-length movies in crappy quality on YouTube! And by “soon”, I mean possibly as early as next month.

Google would dearly love to launch an ad-supported streaming movie service, but given the flagrant copyright violations which occur there every second of ever day, the movie studios haven’t been too keen. However, two unnamed executives have confirmed that although it’s not “imminent”, a project along those lines could go live in the next “30 to 90 days”…

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First simultaneous multiplatform film release – why did it take so long?

Duncan Geere Intellectual Property, Internet 5 Comments


I’ve never fully understood the reasons that film studios always release movies to the cinemas first, then rental, then DVD, then finally video-on-demand services and TV. It baffles me why they’d want to make it harder for consumers to enjoy their products, especially now that digital distribution means that there’s no reason why film studios can’t just let people buy a film as soon as it’s ready.

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Amazon set to launch its own streaming movie rental service "in the next few weeks"

Gary Cutlack Computers, Digital set-top boxes, Home cinema, Internet, Software, Web 2.0, Websites Leave a Comment


Amazon’s big boss Jeff Bezos, speaking at the D6 conference, said the retail behemoth is planning to launch its own online video rental service rather soon.

That’s pretty much all he said on the matter, although he pointed out you’d be buying movies individually on an “a la carte” basis rather than paying a subscription, then watching via a streaming…

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BT Vision to get Universal's PictureBox for a fiver a month

Andy Merrett Broadband, Home cinema 4 Comments


The BT Vision service continues to expand, with news that BT customers can now subscribe to Universal’s PictureBox service for £5 per month.

Each month, there’ll be a choice of 28 films from Universal’s stable, so you could watch a different one every day (or possibly get through them all in about three days). Many of these films haven’t yet been shown on terrestrial TV, though it’s not clear if there’ll be any overlap with films already available on the subscription or pay-per-view On Demand service…

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