Is Sky considering a Facebook deal?

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sky_and_facebook.gifAccording to Digital Spy, Sky is in talks with popular social networking site Facebook with a view to gaining a permanent presence on the site.

Facebook isn’t averse to advertising on the site, but the article suggests that Sky would like to do more than just run ad campaigns. They’re currently running a campaign to assess whether Facebook users are willing to interact with the Sky brand, and if so, Sky could invest further in the site to promote its services and supply exclusive content.

While many Facebook users (including me) are against the site becoming too much like MySpace, the Applications functionality could open the way for brands, particularly multimedia ones, to input their content onto the site.

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Today on Tech Digest: Robots, mobile YouTube, new Nokia phones and more…

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Tech Digest’s Robot World Cup: Round Two
YouTube launches its own mobile site
Three new Nokia phones: the 6267, 3500 Classic, and 6121 Classic

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Top 5 new Facebook applications: Sudoku, Big Brother, Russian Roulette and more…

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facebook-sudoku.jpgCor. Facebook launched their applications a few weeks ago now, and they’ve taken off like a rocket. I’ve noticed friends signing up to six or seven a day, even the ones who wouldn’t normally know a Web 2.0 widget if it bit them on the nose. Here’s this week’s five new(ish) Facebook apps worth adding to your profile, anyway.

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Tech Digest Pick of the Week: 30 technology stories you should read

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It’s been another busy week in the world of technology, with new phones, HDTV developments, and all manner of Web 2.0 malarkey. The stories below are my pick of the most important (ok, and occasionally the most silly) stuff we’ve covered this week.

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To add or not to add, that is the question – the politics of friendships on Facebook

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katsmile.jpg Katherine Hannaford writes…

Love it or loathe it, Facebook is the new MySpace…oh, and the new Twitter, the new Flickr and pretty much every other work-shirker time-waster known to man, thanks to opening themselves up to third-party developers.

But how much is too much? Is there such a thing as being too involved in the social-networking service? And just how many friends is acceptable – is there a stigma attached to Facebook in the same manner as with MySpace, where those with fewer than 10 friends are deemed social pariahs?

Just how much is too much?

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Could Facebook's third-party applications be a MySpace killer?

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facebook-apps.jpgThat’s what top venture capitalist Josh Kopelman reckons, anyway. Okay, so he doesn’t say the phrase ‘MySpace killer’, but he suggests that Facebook’s new third-party applications could leave MySpace looking like Prodigy or AOL from the early days of the internet, who tried to hang onto their roles as proprietary gatekeepers until they realised everyone else had moved on.

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