Real-time data added to Google search results

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google.pngGoogle has launched real-time search functions into its search engine today. Making Twitter feeds appear as part of search results, up-to-the-second information is now available from the search giant.

While currently only Twitter feeds have been implemented, updates from social networks Myspace and Facebook will dynamically be fed into searches from early in the new year.

“Information is being created at a pace I have never seen before and in this environment, seconds matter,” said Google’s Amit Singhal. “There is so much information being generated out there that getting you relevant information is the key to the success of a product like this. It’s all about relevance, relevance, relevance.”

With Microsoft’s Bing search engine making ground on Google’s search engine dominance, such a move was necessary for Google to stamp its authority onto the market. Google currently hold around 65% of the search engine market, with Bing trailing at 30%.

Google also launched Google Goggles for the Android platform. The tool allows users to upload images as part of a search, which are then compared to a database of other images in order to find relevant information.

“In the nature of computer vision we are at the beginning here and the technology is just getting underway,” said Google’s vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra, “this today marks the beginning of this visual journey. We are at the cusp of a an entire new computing era where devices will help us explore the world around us.”

Via: BBC News

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