Setanta Replay coming to Virgin Media: football on demand

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In the ongoing battle of cable and telco providers against each other and the big, bad Sky, Virgin Media has announced that it’s done a deal with Setanta to bring Setanta Replay to its cable TV customers.

In basic terms, this means that a range of football, including Premier League, FA Cup, England home friendlies and World Cup qualifiers will be available to watch not-quite-live – up to seven days after the game, in fact.

XL customers will get the package free, while M or L subscribers must stump up seven quid a month. If golf, racing and Scottish football is more your bag, you can catch live action via a Setanta Sports package…

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The Queen visits Google

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Visiting today, you’ll see a particular celebrity adorning the logo – Queen Elizabeth II. Her Royal Highness is visiting Google UK today and, along with Prince Phillip, will be meeting staff, competition winners, and selected YouTube users. She’ll be shown demonstrations of Google’s technology, as well as meeting local schoolchildren who’ve been designing new Google logos.

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Google Maps adds live traffic info for England

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In all honesty, I thought this feature was already active, but then I don’t drive, so what do I know? Nothing, clearly. Anyway. The Google Maps team has added live traffic information to major roads in England. Just England – no Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland just yet.

If you enable this layer on your maps, it’ll tell you what traffic conditions are currently like, as well as predicting what traffic will be like at any particular day and time, based on past conditions. Nice, Google. Now roll out Street View, please.

Google Maps UK

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European launch date of Rock Band to be announced tomorrow

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Look at those people having fun playing their Rock Band peripherals like they’re members of a Happy Mondays tribute band. We wouldn’t know what that sort of fun is like, considering ROCK BAND STILL HASN’T LAUNCHED IN EUROPE, AFTER FIVE MONTHS OF GREEDY YANKS GREASING UP THE FRETS.

Yes, we’re mad, we’re steaming mad. But hopefully this time tomorrow, we’ll have some news regarding the PAL launch date, as I’ll be hot-footing it down to an event in London, where the date will be announced, plus more details about those rubbish rumoured EU-exclusive tracks.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me those ten aforementioned EU-exclusive tracks just aren’t enough to apologise for the many months of agony we’ve had to endure without Rock Band. Read on below the jump for the top twenty British tracks I wish they’d include…

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Top 5 gadgets for Jonny Wilkinson and the England Rugby World Cup team (for their match on Saturday night)

Jonathan Weinberg Top Fives 1 Comment

Erm, if you didn't know, there's some sporting thing happening tomorrow. The final of a rugby tournament I think it is, in Paris in France. Only joking, it's the Rugby World Cup Final tomorrow with Jonny Wilkinson leading our brave boys in the fight against South Africa to hold onto the trophy. COME ON!!

But just in case they need some help off-the-field, here's some technology that might give them a gee-up before the crucial tie…

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Opinion: Why Gordon Brown, Dr Tanya Byron and the Nanny State should stay out of technology

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Jon_small_new.jpgWhen does a Government go too far in a bid to protect its citizens? When it locks people up without a charge? When it bans people from taking to the streets and puts them under curfew? Or when it employs a TV presenter to look at how the Internet and computer games are harming the nation’s youngsters?

This week it’s been announced Dr Tanya Byron – star of such TV greats as House of Tiny Tearaways – is to preside over a review of what effect the web and console adventures are having on kids across Britain. And I for one find it not only laughable, but downright disgusting that Gordon Brown and his cohorts think they have the right to interfere in our lives which such a pointless exercise…

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Top five boats to escape the UK floods (because our car's now full of salmon)

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floodboat.jpg Yes, yes, we all know how the entirety of England is eight foot under water – infact, I’m typing this on my laptop in my garden, where the water is just under my armpits. Might explain why I keep on getting zapped and my hair’s all frizzy. Oh…

Floods equals water. A ton of water, at that. And a bunch of water equals…BOATS! Yes, boats big and small, yachts, dinghys, catamarans, heck even junks if your heart so desires. So what’s the best boat to zip around in in your local ‘hood, where you can deliver fresh water to that cute girl a couple of doors away? Read on below for our top five…

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