Twitter response leads to football's first "Twansfer" at Yeovil Town

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Twitter has scored another first today, after Yeovil Town football clubs manager Terry Skiverton has said that his latest transfer is all thanks to the social networking sensation. Hailed as the first "twansfer" as Twitter was so instrumental in the…

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Opinion: Manchester United's move into mobile gaming is a winner

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ManUGame.jpgManchester United has signed a deal to produce six mobile phone games based on the megabucks club – and it’s got to be a good forward-thinking move for a side with such a wide-ranging reach.

Teaming up with an Indian firm called Jump Games, the £3 titles will be a mixture of puzzles and ball skill-style efforts with the first out in April as a brain-busting word quiz.

It’ll use phrases associated with Man U, presumably the likes of trophies, pizza and karate kicks, that players will have to find on grids. It sounds the right kind of thing for a portable game and the association with the Premier League champions is sure to see it sell well…

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Opinion: Real-life Fantasy Football – it's what the Internet was made for

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Jon_smal.gifWe’ve all played Football Manager or Championship Manager and wished we could actually be doing it for real. After all, every fan knows better how to get results than the manager, players and those with the millions of pounds to fund the whole thing, don’t they?

Well, an Internet experiment could now reveal whether that really is the case. We’ve written before about website MyFootballClub, set up to give supporters the chance to own their own club. Each put in £35 and £700,000 was raised to buy an FC somewhere in the UK…

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