INFOGRAPHIC: Football banter migrates from the terraces to Twitter

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Twitter for a few years now has been the breaking news source of choice when it comes to the entertainment industry and in many cases political circles too. It now looks as though the football terrace chants of yester-year are also increasingly making their way online, with Premier League sponsor Barclays noting a massive football tweet explosion during the January transfer window.

They’ve put together the nifty infographic above (click to expand), detailing where the tweeting hotspots where.

Around a million Premier League tweets were sent during the January transfer window, and the majority of those centred around the big-name sales. As a result, Liverpool FC were the subject of nearly a third of those tweets thanks to the Torres sale (301,169), followed by Arsenal FC (110,901), Torres-buyers Chelsea FC (97,655) and Manchester United (86,249).

Gerald Lynch
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