Twitter response leads to football's first "Twansfer" at Yeovil Town

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Kieran-Agard.jpgTwitter has scored another first today, after Yeovil Town football clubs manager Terry Skiverton has said that his latest transfer is all thanks to the social networking sensation.

Hailed as the first “twansfer” as Twitter was so instrumental in the signing, Skiverton took to the Yeovil Town Twitter account and asked fans to suggest potential signings. After an overwhelming response, Skiverton chased up Kieran Agard (pictured), who many of the club’s followers recommended.

“A few people are calling it the first ‘twansfer’,” Skiverton told BBC Somerset.

“I’ll be retweeting the ones that came up with the name Kieran Agard. There’s a couple of people who had mentioned him, so they’ll be taking the credit.”

Could this also be considered the first case of football crowd-sourcing then, using the the collective knowledge of footy fans on the web and putting their suggestions into practice?

“The help from the supporters has been magnificent,” continued Skiverton.

“What I didn’t realise was other supporters from other clubs had jumped on the bandwagon. I’ve had supporters from Liverpool, Man Utd, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Championship clubs like Cardiff, all telling me about their best youngsters and players are available on loan.

“The supporters sometimes feel left behind but in this case they’ve been asked for their opinion. I’m trying to do it a different way by giving them a bit of interest and it’s been excellent.”

So everyone ends up happy: Agard gets a one-year deal following his release from Everton, the fans get to put “Football Scout” on their future CVs, and Skiverton goes down in history as the first “twansfer”-savvy manager in the history of football. It’s a beautiful game.

Via: BBC

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  • great to hear stories like this.. so many organisations just keep broadcasting on Twitter.. the real gold mine of twitter is the ability to ask people for their views / opinions etc… also getting feedback and new ideas on new products and services etc..

    asking your audience for ideas on new players etc is a great way to get new ideas and be informed of new things going on…

    great to hear..

    Mark Shaw

  • I look forward to fresh updates and will share this site with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

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