Facebook at Work is official – pokes from your boss to do some damn work coming soon?

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Back in November, we heard rumours that Facebook was working on a new product that will let companies essentially build their own internal Facebook, for work usage. It turns out the rumours were correct - and today Facebook has confirmed the existence of what it is simply calling "Work". TechCrunch got hold of the details…

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WATCH: Strangely prescient Tomorrow’s World clip from 1994 on “the internet”

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Check out this astonishing clip from what used to be the BBC's flagship technology programme. In it, the presenter talks about the "information super highway" and makes a number of startlingly accurate predictions about how it, web browsers and broadband will change the way we live. Perhaps we should start paying more attention to what…

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Google is donating €250,000 to Charlie Hebdo

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In a gesture of support following yesterday's attack, Google is said to be donating a hefty amount to the satirical French magazine. According to Business Insider, the company will be donating €250,000 out of its "press innovation fund" to support the magazine - which is still planning publication next week, despite the tragedy. The fund…

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Could “Books” be the new Facebook?

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You know when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg endorses a technology then it is time to sit up and pay attention. Media reports suggest that Zuck has gone on the record talking about his enthusiasm for "Books". Books are essentially a medium through which ideas can be stored and shared. Each individual book, which is usually…

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Could Twitter cause a recession? The Bank of England turn to social media monitoring.

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The Bank of England's chief economist has announced that the bank will be monitoring social networks, to better understand the state of the economy. According to Sky News, Andy Haldane has been tasked with using "unconventional sources" of data to make economic predications. The thinking is that by monitoring, say, how many people are searching…

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