Is Yahoo about to ruin Tumblr?

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Hold on to your Trigger Warnings, it seems that things could be about to change over at Tumblr.


The site was bought in 2013 by Yahoo for a cool billion dollars, but until now has operated more or less completely independently. This looks like it is about to change though, with Business Insider reporting that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer planning a reorganisation of the company, which would see Tumblr and its sickeningly young CEO David Karp brought under the direct control of one of Yahoo’s Senior Vice-Presidents.

Whilst it is perhaps too early to speculate on what changes this could bring, what generally happens with situations like this is that Tumblr could start looking a lot more like the rest of Yahoo (or vice-versa), with more cross-promotion and deeper integration into Yahoo’s other products. Similarly, given that for the last few years has all been about scaling Tumblr and growing the userbase, perhaps now the focus will shift to using it to generate some cash.

We’re sure the, umm, friendly Tumblr community will take any changes well. Cough.

James O’Malley
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  • Why do you speculate that Tumblr is going to look like Yahoo. I don’t think so, actually the rest of Yahoo started looking a lot like Tumblr. Also this shake up is more on the managerial level and wont reflect on the actual products or services like Yahoo and Flickr.

  • Tumblr’s already doing a pretty good job ruining itself.
    When was the last time they made a site change that everyone didn’t hate?
    And when’s the last time they fixed anything that actually needed it?

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