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Griffin Travel Speaker dock launched, powered by your iPhone's own battery

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Griffin Travel Speaker.jpgGriffin's just-revealed Travel Speaker iPhone/iPod dock may not look all that exciting, but it's got one key feature that should set it apart from the pack.

The Travel Speaker can be powered solely from your Apple product's own battery. There's no need for wires, batteries or chargers; just simply plug your iPod or iPhone into the speaker and you'll be blasting out tunes straight away.

Sure, powering an external speaker purely from your iPod or iPhone is going to be one hell of a drain on its battery, but it's a simple, lightweight alternative to carrying around a pocketful of batteries, making it truly portable.

A USB cable is also included, allowing you to charge or sync your iPhone or iPod whilst it sits in the dock.

You can pick the the Travel Speaker up now from Tesco, priced £29.99.

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