Panasonic launch Flip fighting HM-TA1 pocket camcorder

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pansonic HM-TA1.jpgIt’s not just high-end 3D camcorders on Panasonic’s agenda today. They’re also launching a new range of pocket HD camcorders in the shape of the HM-TA1.

Capable of shooting 1080p video, the 53 x 17.8 x 104mm HM-TA1 features a 2-inch LCD screen, a wide angle lens, digital zoom and an LED light, not often seen in pocket camcorders.

Recording straight to SD cards, the HM-TA1 can also be hooked up to Skype and used as a makeshift webcam, as well as featuring one touch controls for uploading videos to YouTube.

You’ll also be able to personalise the camcorder a little, as it features a removable silicone case that can be replaced with a handful of designs.

Hitting stores in the Autumn, the HM-TA1 has a US price of $170, so expect to see this for around the £120 mark when it hits UK shores.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Flip and Sony has a lot of time for a pocket camera industry, which means that it is very difficult Panasonic freshman trying to tango, and SlideHD Bloggie. HM-TA1 Panasonic could offer much more in terms of design and interface, and it seems outdated compared to its two competitors, offering touch-screens and additional controls.

  • Thanks for the information and facts. I’m wondering about the new device from Panasonic called HM-TA1. It is a High-definition video recorder that is about the size of a pack of cards. I just found it on wikipedia when a person pointed out hmta1 and so I decided to find out about it. What exactly are they like? I would like to find out if the quality is nice.

  • Thank you for your information. I was wondering about the latest device from Panasonic referred to as HM-TA1. It’s a High-definition video recorder which is about the dimensions of a pack of cards. I simply came across it on squidoo when somebody described hmta1 so I decided to take a look. What are they like? I want to find out if the quality is nice.

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