Average UK broadband speed is 3.6Mbps – and you're probably only getting half the speed you're paying for

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uk-broadband-speed-test-results.jpgOfcom, the communications watchdog that’s in charge of making sure everyone’s phones work and no one’s getting ripped off too badly by the ring tone companies, has revealed the results of a massive survey it conducted into the UK broadband scene.

As you might expect, we’re not getting what we pay for – as anyone who spends most of their evenings conducting broadband speed tests and sighing at the results will already know…

The overall UK average broadband speed is 3.6Mbps, compared to the average advertised maximum speed of 7.2Mbps – meaning we’re all connected at slightly less than HALF the speed our packages promise on the posters. Also, a fifth of people signed up to 8Mb packages are getting less than 2Mb speeds in reality, meaning they’re chucking money away on needlessly expensive deals their lines can’t handle.

Still, 83% of the survey-takers said that, overall, they are pleased with their broadband provider. So as long as it’s up and working, we’re reasonably happy, regardless of the maximum speed.

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By Gary Cutlack | January 9th, 2009

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    ADSL is still patchy – too many users i the evening can really slow a lot of services down. If you dont live right next to your telephone exchange you will also never get close to the advertised “up to” speed for download. My advise would be to go with cable if you can get it in your area for now.