Logitech announces V450 Nano cordless laser mouse

Andy Merrett Mice 1 Comment


Logitech has announced its latest rodent gadget, the V450 Nano cordless laser mouse. Targeted at professionals who use a notebook PC or MacBook (presumably casual users mustn’t touch) it uses 2.4GHz wireless technology, has an advanced laser sensor for smoother tracking and precision on most surfaces, a 12 month battery life, and ergonomic design featuring soft rubber grips.

What else can I say about the mouse? It comes in several colours, it has a scroll wheel, and it’s even got a little light on the top which I’m guessing lets you know it’s still working.

Available in the US now priced $49.99, it’ll be arriving in Europe beginning in July, price to be confirmed.


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By Andy Merrett | May 21st, 2008

  • milan

    It’s already here – i have one – very good product, quick, responsive and easy to use. Also has a spece inside to store the tiny receiver.