Christian Dior mobile phone – just the $5,000

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dior-mobile.jpgWe told you. We told you only last week that Dior were going to release the next in the ridiculous range of designer mobiles, and did you listen; well, probably, yes.

Here we are, the $5,000 Christian Dior mobile phone – seemingly called Christian Dior mobile phone, manufactured in partnership with ModeLab.

All we really know about it, apart from the fact it comes in different colours, is that it’s got a touch screen, a camera of course, and a little mini phone called My Dior – well it was either that or iDior – that clips elsewhere to your bod when the main handset is lost in a sea of lip-stick and or amongst the flipping great wads of cash in the pockets of your tasteless silk Armani shirt.

(via Engadget)

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