Humax first to pass Freeview Playback Group 2 standard for DTRs

Andy Merrett Digital set-top boxes

humax_pvr_freeview.jpgHumax has announced that it’s the first digital TV recorder (DTR manufacturer to pass the Freeview Playback Group 2 standard.

In English, that means that its PVR-9200TB and PVR-9200TS models guarantee users the following features:

Series link: Allows viewers to programme the DTR to automatically record every episode of a series

Split recording: records two-part programmes, for example a film with a news break.

Alternate instance recording: Suggests an alternative (repeat) time for the same programme if a clash in the recording schedule occurs.

The PVR-9200T will also be upgraded to handle these new features via an automatic, over-the-air software download.

The Freeview Playback Group 2 PVR-9200T range will be available for around £229.99 at the usual UK electronics retailers.

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By Andy Merrett | August 3rd, 2007