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CES 2006: Motorola ROKR phone take two

Motorola_rokre2 So Motorola is back with another new ROKR music phone - the ROKR E2 and the big story is not the features it has but what it is missing. For unlike the ROKR E1 there's no on iTunes compatibility. Instead the phone has its own music playing software.

So is it an improvement on the E1? Well it won't win any style awards and its storage is limited to smart cards - SD in this instance. It does however sport a 3.5mm earphone jack (the E1 came with an adapter) so you can pair it up with any set of phones you want. It also boasts A2DP Bluetooth compatibility so it can be used with wireless earphones like these. Moto has also added some new music control buttons, improved the camera - it takes 1.3 mega pixel images now rather than the VGA ones the E1 took - and has an excellent two inch, 320 x 240 pixel LCD display. It is expected to land in the UK in the early summer.

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