CES 2006: Celestron's Sky Scout


The trouble with star spotting is that, well they all pretty much look the same, so while you think that you are staring at Mars for all you know you might as well be gazing at Uranus. Enter US company Celestron which has just unveiled a very neat little gadget called the Sky Scout. Kind of like a pocket Patrick Moore the Sky Scout enables the user to name the stars and planets they are looking at.

The camcorder sized device uses GPS to pinpoint where the user is and where they are looking at and then accesses the information on the star/planet via its database which has details on 6000 celestial objects. If the user wants to find particular star then it uses a series of lights to guide them to the right place in the sky. The device works well on its on but serious sky spotting anoraks can team it up with a telescope.

Its is going to be available in the US in March for $400. The company hopes to offer it in Europe -possibly via Amazon – later in the year.

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  • I purchased 3 of these units and they are of inferior design and sub standard. If you know the basics about GPS/astrology then you will understand and if you don’t then you will think they are a great toy. They do not give accurate info. and seldom provide the same info for each unit so you figure – don’t get burned!

  • I am also interested in this device (skyscout). It is possible to get in the uk but at a ridiculous price. Once again, an unfair price tag is put on such things in the uk.

  • hi
    my interest is the SKY SCOUT
    i am based in england in the county of hertfordshire. can you please advise me as to where i can purchase a SKY SCOUT and also what is the price in sterling
    regards sheila strange

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