CES 2006: Motorola's O ROKR music shades

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Remember the Motorola Oakley Razrwire Bluetooth sunglasses? Well the two companies have teamed up again to offer an enhanced version of the Razrwire called the O ROKR. The basics are the same in that the system features a Bluetooth adaptor that clips on to the Oakley shades that then connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to a mobile phone.

The key difference with the O ROKR is that as well as enabling the user to make voice calls they can also listen to music from their mobile in stereo. The only downers are that the phone must support the A2DP version of Bluetooth – which kind of limits it as there are only handful of these mobiles available. Also battery life isn’t great at just six hours. The design of the shades is also different from the Razrwire too. The O ROKR is expected in the first half of 2006 and will retail for around £200.

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One thought on “CES 2006: Motorola's O ROKR music shades

  • blast from the past, if your a time travler, the shades are ugly, but good concept.

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