Olympus goes 3D

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Here’s a really odd one. Olympus has unveiled a new range of xD picture cards – the storage cards it uses is in its cameras – which apparently now enable snappers to create images with 3D effects. Basically users slip in the new cards into the PC and then activate an application in the ‘Olympus Master 1.4′ software to can then create images that leap out of the photo or the PC screen. Users will need special glasses to fully appreciate the 3D imagery. The same software also enables uses to tweak their images to turn them into cartoon style art or even water colour. The 512mb and 1GB High Speed xD-Picture Cards are available from mid to late December.

By (Display Name not set) | November 25th, 2005

  • http://www.zencore.com/forums.pl?messagearea=paul Paul Koan

    Errr, hang on, this is a storage card that allows you to run image processing software on your PC to make 3D and other effects.

    Run that by me again.

    What exactly does the storage card contribute to this process other than to carry the original images? Something that any card could do.

  • The Magician

    Olympus currently do xD cards that “support” panoramic mode (yes, the stitching together of images is done on the PC using the Olympus Master software, but the images are tagged as panoramic and the camera may offer additional assistance in taking the pictures.) So it’s a tag on the images that the software uses, and it’s a tag that you can’t write if you’re using a Fuji xD card (for some restrictive marketing reason)

    Perhaps the 3D thing is similar? The camera could remind you to take a second picture 10 cm to the left (or right) and then the two images on the xD card would have additional info in the EXIM tags (or elsewhere) so that the software would know to combine them into 3D.

    Or maybe it’s all just marketing flimflam to avoid mentioning the new software is what’s important and that you have to buy a big expensive xD card from Olympus to get it? :-)