Vodafone first network to offer its own push email solution

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In what is very likely to be the start of a trend Vodafone has become the first phone network to offers its customers a push email solution. Starting from next month small business subscribers to its network, along with smartphone crazed consumers, will be pushed those all important messages in real time courtesy of a system from Visto.

Interestingly the service offers push email on a wide range of handset including both Symbian as well as Windows Mobile handsets. The full list includes the Sony Ericsson P900i, Nokia 9300, Nokia 6680, Vodafone V1620, Vodafone VPA Compact, HP hw 6510 and Motorola MPx 220. Vodafone is making it fairly cheap for consumers too with the tariff running at £12.77 per month for the service or less if a user spends more than £34 per month on voice calls.

Voda is also souping up its BlackBerry option to enables its users to access BlackBerry2 facilities which include attachment viewing and secure encryption on a broader range of handsets. The network also has a Windows Mobile based push email service which debuts in 2006.

Just in case your IT department is worried about all that vital info being carried around on handsets Vodafone is also ramping up its smart devices support so that now it has a lock and/or wipe facility for lost or stolen phones. Vodafone will also be able to remotely configure, interrogate, diagnose and mange devices connected to its network.

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