Vodafone V1240 – its mystery phone

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Among the long list of phones that are or will be compatible with Vodafone’s push email service is one handset that’s a complete mystery to us and our friends at Google search. Apparently coming soon is the Vodafone V1240. We know it runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and is almost certainly manufactured by HTC in Taiwan, but beyond that we know nowt. Perhaps it means that after taking all HTC’s PDA style devices it is now taking a Windows based smartphone. Maybe it is the Voda equivalent of the Orange SPV 600. We’ll find out more lately today.

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One thought on “Vodafone V1240 – its mystery phone

  • It is more like Dopod 577w, i-Mate SP5, Qtek 8310 (Tornado Noble). SPV C600 is the only from the family without WiFi.

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