Oakley still thumping onward

MP3 players

Not put off by being voted as our ‘Chav Gadget of 2005’, Oakley
has struck back with a sequel to the internationally ridiculed Thump MP3
sunglasses. There’s not a huge difference between the Thump 2 and its
predecessor; looks like they don’t come containing an angry bald guy
this time and they sport a bit more of a squared design. More importantly the
storage capacity has been dramatically improved to 1GB (about 240 songs) and apparently
the audio engine has been tweaked to give better playback of digital music which
is a good move given that many DAP companies often gloss over the actual audio
quality of their products. You also have the benefit of Oakley lenses, which
amongst other niceties, are strong enough to resist a 12 guage shotgun blast
from 15 yards; it’s a lot safer to just avoid being shot in the face
though. So if you are an irate, follically challenged male of a large enough stature
to dissuade those who would mock these ‘distinctive’ sunglasses, the Thump
2 is hitting the UK soon for the princely sum of £199-£299 depending on capacity.

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