Microsoft "Pink": ad agencies fighting over Zune phone account


Word has it that Microsoft is preparing for the launch of a Zune phone. Yes, we’ve heard these kinds of rumours and seen all sorts of mock ups before but this time it’s slightly different.

Microsoft has apparently put the cat amongst agency pigeons by searching for an advertising team to work on something known as “Pink”. Now on the one hand this could just be the colour scheme for Stevie B’s next bathroom suite but sources say that it’s most likely software for mobile phones.

Now it sits rather odd that The Soft would undermine Windows Mobile like that, despite what many consumers think about the platform, so it’s not out of the question that Pink could in fact be a Zune phone unto itself.

What we do know for sure is that the ad agencies are in a frenzy trying to get the account and in one shape or another, it looks like decent gaming might just be coming to mobile phones by CES 2010.

(via PMP today)