Yoko Ono judges Twitter poetry competition


High-culture monolith, Yoko Ono, will begin judging the first ever Twitter poetry competition which started today.

London commuters are being encouraged to submit haiku poems about the British summertime, and those judged good enough will appear on the largest digital display at Kings Cross station and on Twitter.

Scottish poet, Jackie Kay, who will also judge the competition said: “I liked the idea of doing something that combined an old form with a very new form.

“People could do a haiku on the way to work and it’s a good way to exercise the brain. It’s like the sudoku.”

Whether the crowded commute on the tube is the most conducive environment for creativity is yet to be seen, and with a measly 128 characters to work with after the @kingsplace prefix, budding poets might find their burgeoning verse stymied.

But, getting into the spirit of things, I had a pop at one:

I recall summer,
The sun between may and july,
When I forgot how to write.

Not too shabby I think you’ll agree. Why not leave your comments as a Haiku? That’d be nice.
(via Telegraph)