Sharp claims world first: HDTVs with integrated Blu-ray recorders


Sharp will launch a range of high definition LCD TVs with integrated Blu-ray recorders in the Japanese market next month, claiming a world first.

While it’s not uncommon to see flat panel TVs with built in DVD and Blu-ray players, this is the first time a Blu-ray recorder has been added to a production TV.

The AQUOS DX range will come in a range of screen sizes from 26- right up to 52-inch, all full 1080p high definition, and ranging in price from around £1,100 to £2,900 (at current Yen to UK pound exchange rate). Though the integrated drive will allow playback of Blu-ray, and recording TV programmes directly to disc, there won’t be a built-in hard drive — so no DVR functionality…

Eavesdrop on a conversation between the Nintendo President and a Ninty designer

The next best thing to actually having a conversation with the head of Nintendo must be being a fly on the wall, listening to a conversation between the Nintendo Prez Satoru Iwata and Shigesato Itoi (Japanese writer and designer of Nintendo’s Mother RPGs), as they discuss Ninty, and Shigeru Miyamoto in full detail.

Thanks to Itoi, we don’t need to buy expensive spy-microphones to make that dream a reality, as he’s only gone and published the whole conversation on his website! Yup, in English – either he’s brilliant…