What a difference 20 years makes to one gigabyte

Don’t bother checking your washing machine in the kitchen, there, I haven’t stolen the insides, don’t worry! The only crime which has been committed here is dredging up the one gigabyte’s past life, back when she was a plus-sized model trying to make it in the world, before she slimmed down to the size-zero SD card we know so well.

The IBM hard drive above is 22 years old, and weighs around 70lbs. Quite a remarkable difference 20 years can make,…

Martha Stewart gives her seal of approval to the Nintendo Wii in Wired Magazine

Could it be possible that the Wii has finally crashed and burned, and is now lying on our shag pile by the telly in a heap of ashes? I ask this of you, dear readers, as it’s come to our attention via WiiWii that my favourite-magazine-on-earth, Wired, has a picture of Martha Stewart icing a Wii cake on next month’s cover. Has the Wii finally jumped the shark?…

Is Pleo the robotic dinosaur the new Sony Aibo?

When I first heard about Pleo in January’s issue of Wired magazine, I got all excited thinking about the possibilities of owning a robotic dinosaur. We’ve seen many robotic animals such as the Furby, Robosapien and Sony’s Aibo, but this Pleo sounded like a whole different kettle of fish.

Dreams become reality, and only a few months after the interview with Chung was published in Wired, it’s now been placed on every geeks favourite boutique, ThinkGeek. Pleo the dinosaur doesn’t just look the part, he moves and react autonomously with both humans and his surroundings, in a ‘lifelike, organic movement’…

Student's 'Intimate Controllers' thesis involves playing Pong with your boobs

For those that think gaming involves sitting alone on a couch, twiddling your thumbs, think again.

Recently a New York University student, Jennifer Chowdhury, created her thesis ‘Intimate Controllers’ on the subject of intimate controlling devices, where she invented a form of playing Pong with her boobs whilst her partner played with his bottom. Gaming beginning to sound fun, yet?

According to Wired, she embedded a set of sensors in her bra which controlled the actions of the game, so when her partner touched her left boob, the Pong paddle moved to the left, and the right boob would control the right paddle etc…